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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July! I spent mine with my family, and it was nice to be around them outside of the office. We started out by going to the Fireworks Festival in our town. However, as this is summer time in Southwest Florida it started pouring down rain soon after we got there. We decided it didn't look like it was going to stop so we headed back to our car, with our chairs over our heads for protection from the rain. I can only imagine what people thought when they saw us running through the rain with our chairs over our heads. We were still soaked by the time we got to the car. We went home to change and put plan B into play. We went to a late dinner at Red Lobster and then we saw The Heat at the movie theatre. The Heat was actually pretty funny, although it was full of cuss words (for any parents with young kids) and was a tad bit cheesy. I also made some delicious cupcakes to brighten things up! I did want to make snowcone cupcakes but I didn't have the time or materials. So I settled for these instead.

4th of July Cupcakes
How did you guys enjoy your fourth of July? Did anyone stay at home or have a party? Does anyone have pets who don't like fireworks?

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