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Friday, August 28, 2015

Feature Friday: A Broken Backpack

Today's Feature Friday blog is A Broken Backpack. I love this series of feature Fridays. I'm learning about fellow travel bloggers and it's inspiring to see what people do in order to travel! I love all the ideas I get from seeing so many blogs (so many destinations)! Money is a big deterrent for people who want to travel. I won't lie, traveling can get expensive (I'm looking at you flights), however there are ways to budget, to travel cheaply, and reasonably. There is always a way to travel. So today we are helping those of you out. Those of you who want to travel but look at the price and immediately look away, come look at this post!

big bud
Courtsey of A Broken Backpack

Melissa over at A Broken Backpack wrote this fabulous post about saving money while traveling. Travel Without A Big Budget gives travelers several options on how to save money while traveling. I highly recommend you pop over to her blog and check this money-saving post out. Also, prepare yourself to stay awhile . . . before you know it you'll be checking all her blog posts out! Melissa is a great writer, who injects humor and real life common sense into her writing! An added bonus: she also writes in FRENCH! While your at it stop on over to her facebook page to keep in touch: You'll thank me later!