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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Learn All About Me

                     Hey there everyone! I'm so glad you could join me. My name is Amber and I'm excited to start my own blog. I'm sure you're all curious about me so feel free to ask questions! I work full time and go to college. I have a german shepherd puppy that keeps me busy. I got him on Father's Day last June at 7 weeks old. His first birthday is coming up here on April 28, which just happens to be my mom's birthday also!

Gunner the day I got him (Father's Day)

He is the sweetest dog ever. This is my first time owning a German Shepherd, I mostly grew up with labs and Pit Bulls. I'm very impressed by this breed. He is so gentle, docile, and protective. He is a little headstrong, but we have a trainer that we work with. Recently, my older brother, his cat and pit bull moved in with me. Ruger (his dog) keeps Gunner busy and that helps a lot with his energy level.

Here is a more recent picture of him, so you can see his size. He is even bigger now.
He grew up so fast! I have always heard German Shepherds were smart and boy is that the truth! He has learned to operate the water and ice buttons on the fridge when he gets thirsty. We had to disconnect the water because he was making such a mess!

As you can probably tell Gunner is a huge part of my life. I dont have any children yet, so he is my child. My family and friends are extremely important to me. I love to work, in fact I can't stand not doing anything. I have learned that a lot of people my age don't like to work, and I find that really sad. I get enjoyment out of accomplishing something. I'm also the manager of my co-ed softball team. We play fall and spring seasons. It's too hot in Florida for a summer season. So I'm kept pretty busy. I love to travel! I LOVE it! I'm leaving in 11 days to go to Ireland and England with my best friend for 12 days. It will be the first time out of this country for the both of us and we can't wait! I also like to bake, make crafts, and read. Feel free to ask any questions!

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