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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Feature Friday: Two Drifters

Today we are featuring a post from Amy and Nathan over at Two Drifters. I love following along with their blog and adventures. Amy and Nathan bring a unique perspective to travel blogging: traveling as a couple. This is inspirational for me as single traveler. It gives me hope that you can have the best of both worlds: your love of travel and your love of another person. Unfortunately, this has not worked for me in the past, but I have hope thanks to Amy and Nathan!

Courtsey of Two Drifters
We have decided to feature two of their posts about traveling with as a couple. The first post we are featuring is Traveling As A Couple: Romance or Ruin. This post discusses the benefits and challenges of traveling as a couple from both Amy and Nathan's perspective. The second post we are featuring is Traveling The Essential Test of True Love. In this post they explain why you should travel as a couple and what can be learned from it. I love the interesting perspective that they bring to their blog. Head on over to their blog and I would hazard to guess that you may be there a little while. While your at it subscribe to their blog and then visit their facebook page.


  1. Thanks so much for featuring us! We're super excited :D

  2. The rosemary mint looks amazing!